About IPM

  • We have been in business since September of 1990.This is our primary business. The company is family owned.
  • Our philosophy is that we are hired to keep the community in pristine condition as approved by the Board of Directors. We consider all members of the community our clients, not just the Board of Directors. In that capacity we are available to help them with problems they are experiencing within the parameters of the governing documents. We are a hands on property Management Company and we feel we are more personally involved than other companies offering the type of service we offer.
  • We manage 70+ Associations/Condos. We do manage professional (commercial) condominiums also.
  • Our properties are located between Sunrise and Delray Beach. Approximately 1/2 of our properties are located in Coral Springs.
  • We are set up to expand to as many properties as we feel we would be compatible with. We moved to a new facility 3 years ago to accommodate new business.
  • We have the Property Management Staff and their Administrative Assistants; Bookkeeping Staff, General Maintenance Staff and Janitorial Staff. My husband and I are the principals of the company and oversee the entire operation on a daily basis. One of my sons is the CFO for the company; the other son is in charge of the Property Management Staff.
  • Once we have the opportunity to sit down and speak with you, a Property Manager and Administrative Assistant will be assigned to your community depending on your specific requirements. All of the Property Managers we employ have been here at least 6 years